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7/02/20- Dr. Peter Howe -Summer Heat and COVID-19 

5/20/20- Dr. Ros McCann interviewed on UPR re: plastic and Covid19

4/27/20- Emily Skill, Sarah Klain and Ros McCann and guidebook on 100% renewable electricity resolution 

10/25- Dr. Zach Miller and Bear Safety research in Yellowstone

2/5- Dr. Roslyn McCann and Ed Stafford's Clean Air Poster Featured in Forbes

11/1- Dr. Peter Howe and Team's Latest Climate Opinion Maps Covered in the New York Times

7/23- Dr. Roslynn Brain McCann and Utah High School Clean Air Poster Contest

5/1- Dr. Joanna Endter-Wada received the 2018 Award for Outstanding Service in the AWRA Utah Section

4/19- Dr. Peter Howe Named Recipient of NSF Career Award

3/2- Dr. Jordan Smith and colleagues in IORT publish article on climate change and tourism in Tourism Geographies

1/8- Dr. Joanna Endter-Wada (co-author) on study published in Ecological Monographs on Tree Diversity in SL Valley

12/14- How Republicans Think About Climate Change

12/11- Chris Monz: A Close Look at the Big Picture

10/30- Dr. Peter Howe Interviewed by SL Tribune on Utah's Climate Change Perceptions

7-27- USU Professors, Including ENVS' Dr. Joanna Endter-Wada, Advise State Government on Water Policy

7/26- ENVS Grad. Student Emily Esplin Interviewed on UPR on NWS Research

3/21- Research by Dr. Peter Howe and Yale Associates on front page of NY Times

3/17- Ph.D. student Tagen Baker and field work in Victoria, Australia

2/23 - Dr. Jacopo and other USU Professors Use Math to Aid Environmental Restoration

1/12/- Dr. Chris Monz honored at USU's Inaugural Professor Lecture Series

12/15 - Drs. Joanna Endter-Wada and Shujuan Li and Ph.D Student Enjie Li, receive top water resource award

11/10 -  ENVS Emeritus Professor Richard Toth named ASLA Fellow

10/18 - No Park an Island: USU Scientist Studying National Park Boundaries

10/14 - The 1000-year-storm has now become the 100-year-storm.

10/4 -  Drs. Joanna Endter-Wada and Lisa Welsh: Cache Water District: Risks and Opportunities

9/28 -  I.Q. vs. E.Q. - Dr. Jacopo Baggio

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