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Undergraduate Programs

The department offers three undergraduate degrees: Environmental Studies, Geography, and Recreation Resource Management. Each of these degrees offers a balanced exposure to key ideas and principles of the social, biological, and physical sciences, placing special emphasis on the human dimensions of natural resource and environmental management. The department’s goal is to train professionals who can lead the way toward finding and keeping a sustainable balance between protecting the environment and enhancing human societies. 

Departmental programs offer learning experiences in the classroom and in the field, frequent individual contacts with faculty as teachers and advisors, and opportunities to take part in student and professional organizations. Seasonal employment, internships, and other activities promoting hands-on experience in natural resources and geographic professions are strongly encouraged.


Major and Minor Requirements
Four-Year Plan (Geographical Analysis & Bioregional Planning emphasis)
Four-Year Plan (Human- Environment emphasis)
Class Flow Charts
Emphasis Form

Geography Teaching

Major and Minor Requirements 
(Incoming students as of Fall 2016 will only be able to enroll into the Geography Teaching Minor)
Class Flow Chart

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