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Natural Resources Field Days


Welcome to another exciting Natural Resources Field Days with the 4th graders of Cache Valley! We enjoy engaging your students in understanding the Water, Soils, Plants, and Wildlife of the Logan River watershed ecosystem. 


Natural Rhopeesources Field Days is a program that provides fourth grade students from Logan and Cache County School Districts with hands-on educational experiences with a watershed focus. Students and their teachers spend the day at Guinevah-Malibu Campground on the Cache National Forest, rotating through four stations and learning about wildlife, soils, plants and water quality.  Approximately 2,000-2,500 students participate each year!


2019 Schedule:

Daily Schedule: 9:30am - 2:05pm

Week 1: Sept. 9-13

Week 2: Sept. 16-20 

Teacher Information


  • We will be outside all day, and the mornings are chilly and afternoons warm.  Dress appropriately!
  • Please remind your students to bring water. 
  • We will be doing some activities near the river.  If students get their feet wet, they will be wet all day!
  • Please talk to your students about appropriate field trip behavior and the importance of respecting the area we will be using for the day. 
  • Before you come, review the Prepacket with your students. The Spanish version can be found, here.
  • Look over the lesson plans provided below.


Student Volunteer Information

Sign up to Volunteer!

Choose at least one two-hour time block (AM - 9:45-11:45; PM - 12:05 - 2:05)

Review the General Guidelines for all Volunteers

Volunteer Tr

Review the lesson plans before attending a volunteer training. 

All volunteers must attend ONE of the two training sessions offered:

  •    Sept. 5 2019, or Sept. 6, 2019      
  •    6:00 p.m.- 7:30 p.m.
  •    AGRS 101


Need a ride?
A volunteer shuttle will be provided this year.   At this point, we anticipate that departures will be at the following times:  

Morning crew:Shuttle meeting location on campus

  • Depart from parking pullout in front of University Inn at 9:15 am.
  • Depart from Guinevah Malibu entrance area at 12:05 pm (or as soon as the afternoon shuttle drops off).

Afternoon crew:

  • Depart from parking pullout in front of University Inn at 11:45 am.
  • Depart from Guinevah Malibu entrance area at 2:10 pm.

Please confirm the shuttle times at the training or at this site closer to NR Days.  


For more information contact:

Mark Larese-Casanova                     , 435-760-6146                


Guinevah-Malibu Campground Map

Volunteer Schedule 2019

Station Leader Contacts 2019

Environmental Ed Powerpoint

Natural Resources Field Days Powerpoint

Lesson Plans

Lessons in a single PDF: Lessons

plant station


Explore the world of plants found in Logan Canyon while you use a dichotomous key to identify plant types. Learn about the unique biomes in which plants live.

soil station


 Students will create a soil profile tube, learn about erosion, and play an interactive  game that transforms them into soil particles.

Water Station


Students will explore aquatic habitats, discover insects that live in the Logan River, and learn how insects are indicators of water quality. 

In the event that we have a "rain day", we will be doing the Incredible Journey activity in place of the macroinvertebrate investigation at the river.  

wildlife station


At the Wildlife station, it’s all about survival. Students participate in two educational  games that demonstrate the challenges wildlife face as they try to find the food,  water, shelter and space they need to survive.

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