QCNR Graduate Student Council

What is the Graduate Student Council (GSC)?

The mission of the Quinney College of Natural Resource’s Graduate Student Council is to improve communication within the graduate student body, between graduate students and undergraduates within the college, and between graduate students and the faculty and administration in the College of Natural Resources. The GSC shall facilitate graduate student education through student-led mentoring programs, meetings and seminars. Finally the GSC shall advocate and lobby on behalf of the graduate students in the College of Natural Resources to the faculty and administration of the college, and when appropriate, to the Utah State University administration.

Currently, the GSC sponsors a year-long, in-house, graduate student seminar series called Ecolunch. We also sponsor at least one yearly fundraiser for the college of natural resources medical emergency fund, as well hosting college wide social events.

If you are interested in serving on this council, have suggestions or ideas you want to raise or have concerns that need to be addressed, please contact one of the GSC representatives from your department. You are also welcome to come to one of the council meetings. QCNR GSC meetings are held once per month; time and place are announced via the QCNR-grads listserv.

What is Ecolunch?

Ecolunch serves a variety of purposes. It was created to provide a casual venue where graduate students can informally present their research to a friendly audience of their peers. This means a variety of presentations are appropriate for this forum. You may present anything ranging from summaries of unanalyzed data to formal PowerPoint presentations that you would like to practice for a professional presentation. You may use this venue to kick around research ideas or get advice about the most appropriate way to analyze or summarize your data. Ecolunch can be a casual roundtable discussion or a formal practice talk environment. Use Ecolunch to get advice from your peers, to practice your pre-project presentation or to introduce your peers to your thesis research.

Ecolunch presenters can choose either a 15 minute or 30 minute time slot with a possibility of a full hour for exit seminar practice sessions. Ecolunch was designed to help grad students support each other. Through Ecolunch the GSC hopes to promote discussion and collaboration between graduate students.

If you would like to present, please contact our Ecolunch coordinators, listed below!

NOTE: Ecolunch is now EcoFriendly!  Bring your own cup and plate with you so that we don’t have to contribute so heavily to landfill waste by using paper products.

Emergency Medical Scholarship

The Emergency Medical Scholarship (EMF) was created to assist QCNR and Ecology Center graduate students who face financial hardship due to medical debt. Most students qualify for subsidized graduate student insurance, however, the out-of-pocket maximum for this is $6000 (in-network) which can amount to a third or a quarter of a graduate student's annual income. The EMF is intended to provide financial aid in circumstances where medical expenses constitute close to or more than 10% of their annual income. However, exceptions will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

For more information on the requirements for application and where to direct any questions you may have, please visit the EMF page for more details.

All applications will need to be printed and delivered in a sealed envelope to:

Student Health and Wellness Center (SHWC) 112
Attn: Katelyn Richins
850 East 1200 North
Logan, Utah 84322

The applications will be reviewed by a member of the Graduate Student Council, the QCNR Associate Dean, and a representative from USU’s SHW. The application review process is completely confidential and anonymous to protect the identity and privacy of applicants.


Graduate Student Council 2023 - 2024

Graduate Student Council Chair

Patrick Kelly patrick.kelly@usu.edu


Department Representatives for Graduate Student Council

Georgie Corkery ENVS georgie.corkery@usu.edu
Meghan Slocombe WATS meghan.slocombe@usu.edu
Neville Taraporevala WILD neville.taraporevala@usu.edu

Graduate Student Council Chairpersons

Casey Trout Emergency Medical Fund Liaison / Treasurer casey.trout@usu.edu 
Maria Stahl Safety Liaison maria.stahl@usu.edu 
Allie Trudgeon Ecolunch Coordination allietrudgeon@gmail.com 
Alex Blanche Ecolunch Coordination a.blanche@usu.edu 
Will Harrod Ecolunch Coordination will.harrod@usu.edu 
Mike Wayman Ecolunch Coordination michael.wayman@usu.edu 

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Committee

Georgie Corkery georgie.corkery@usu.edu 
Leanna DeJong leanna.dejong@gmail.com 
Sarah Woodbury sarah.woodbury@usu.edu 
Rory Eggleston rory.eggleston@usu.edu 
Lydia Joukowsky lydia.joukowsky@usu.edu 

Social Coordination Committee

Tori Thorpe victoria.thorpe@usu.edu 
Lindsey Engelbert lindsey.engelbert@usu.edu 
Jessica Bruck jessica.bruck@usu.edu
Bailey Holdaway bailey.holdaway@usu.edu

Code Mentoring Committee

Courtney Check courtney.check@usu.edu 
Soren Struckman soren.struckman@usu.edu