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People in the Lab

Peter Adler

Adler photo


Coexistence and species diversity, ecological forecasting

More on Peter's research

Andrew Felton

Felton headshot


Community and ecosystem response to climate variability

Andrew's web page

Bob Shriver

Bob Shriver


Population biology, statistics

Bob's web page

Mira Ensley-Field

Mira Ensley-Field

MS student

Ecological forecasting

Tyson Terry

Tyson Terry

PhD student

Climate change, disturbance

Tyson's profile

 Lab alumni:

Anny Chung, Post-doc 2017-2019, now Assistant Professor at Univ. Georgia

Andrew Tredennick, Post-doc 2014-2018, now Biometrician at WEST

Jacque Pena, MS 2018, now a PhD student at Univ. Georgia

Andy Kleinhesselink, PhD 2017, now a post-doc at UCLA

Danielle Smull, MS 2018, now staff at Salt Lake Community College

Britta Teller, Post-doc 2015-2017, now Assistant Teaching Professor at Penn State

Chengjin Chu, Post-doc 2012-2014, now Professor at Sun Yat-Sen University, China

Aldo Compagnoni, PhD 2013, now a post-doc at iDiv, Germany. More on Aldo's PhD research.

Marina LaForgia, Research technician 2012-2013, now a PhD student at UC Davis

Ian Ware, MS 2012, now a PhD student at Univ. Tennessee

Joanna Hsu, MS 2011, now an analyst at SoCal Edison

Jayanti Mukherjee, PhD 2010, Professor at Azim Premji University, India. More on Jayanti's PhD research.

Luke Zachmann, MS 2009, now Lead Scientist at Conservation Science Partners. More on Luke's MS research.

Harmony Dalgleish, post-doc 2009, now Assistant Professor at the College of William and Mary. More on Harmony's post-doc research.