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People in the Lab

Peter Adler

Adler photo

Associate Professor

Coexistence and species diversity, climate change, grazing

More on Peter's research

Andrew Tredennick

Andrew T


Diversity-stability, population and community dynamics

Andrew's web page

Britta Teller


Population biology, dispersal, consequences of environmental variation

Britta's web page (coming soon)

Andy Kleinhesselink

PhD student

Coexistence, functional traits, global change

Danielle Smull


PhD student

Consumer-resource interactions, climate change

 Lab alumni:

Chengjin Chu, Post-doc 2012-2014, now Professor at Sun Yat-Sen University, China

Aldo Compagnoni, PhD 2013, now a post-doc at Rice

More on Aldo's PhD research

Marina LaForgia, Research technician 2012-2013, now a PhD student at UC Davis

Jayanti Mukherjee, PhD 2010, Post doctoral fellow at Ben-Gurion University, Israel

More on Jayanti's PhD research

Luke Zachmann, MS 2009, now Lead Scientist at Conservation Science Partners

More on Luke's MS research

Harmony Dalgleish, post-doc 2009, now Assistant Professor at the College of William and Mary

More on Harmony's post-doc research

Joanna Hsu, MS 2011, now a PhD student at UC Berkeley

Ian Ware, MS 2012, now a PhD student at Univ. Tennessee

Collaborators on campus:

Ethan White | Morgan Ernest  | Dave Koons | Jim Powell  | Andrew Kulmatiski

Collaborators everywhere else:

Jonathan Levine | Janneke Hille Ris Lambers  | Jeremy James

Steve Ellner | Bill Lauenroth  | Rick Gill  | Robin Snyder

Rick Lankau | the whole NutNet!