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Karen Beard's Lab


The research conducted in my lab spans a broad range of topics but primarily focuses on species interactions and subsequent impacts on ecosystem processes, especially involving issues of invasive species and climate change. We currently have research in Hawaii, Alaska, South Africa, Brazil, and Utah on questions related to impacts of invasives, climate change effects on plant-herbivore and plant-plant interactions, habitat fragmentation, and restoration efforts. We work with a wide range of taxa from amphibians to birds to plants. The ultimate goal of my lab’s research is to improve management decisions about non-native species and how to manage habitat and species in the face of global change.

nest with eggs
guy in tree

Lab News
October 2019:
Beard and colleagues publish a manuscript in Trends in Ecology and Evolution titled "The missing angle:
Ecosystem consequences of phenological mismatch"

PhD student, Ryan Choi, publishes the first chapter of his dissertaion in Journal of Ecology titled "Phenological mismatch between season advancement and herbivory timing alters Arctic plant traits".  Nice job, Ryan!

August 2019:
The lab welcomes new MS student, Dustin Maloney, to USU.  His research is funded by HawkWatch International.  

May 2019:
Past lab PhD student, Rodrigo Ferreira, publishes the final chapter of his dissertation in Behavior Ecology and Sociobiology titled "Antipredator mechanisms of post-metamorphic anurans: a global database and classification system".  Way to go, Rodrigo!