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The Belmont Hydrology and Fine Sediment Lab

Department of Watershed Sciences

The Belmont Hydrology and Fine Sediment Lab addresses both basic and applied questions related to watershed hydrology, erosion over long (multi-millennial) and short (storm event-based) timescales, and fractionation of different grain sizes of sediment during erosion, transport, and storage in watersheds.

Our research agenda is defined by a few broad questions:

  • How do climate, geologic history, and human activities in a landscape influence river hydrology and sediment dynamics?
  • What are the mathematical laws that govern the erosion, transport, and deposition of sediment and how do those processes function at the watershed scale?
  • How can we combine process geomorphology theory with effective fieldwork and monitoring strategies to develop better land and water management practices? How can we develop practical strategies to manage sustainable landscapes? How can we rehabilitate or restore streams to promote long-term resilience and ecosystem integrity?
  • How do landscapes and ecosystems co-evolve? What are the primary drivers and feedback mechanisms that determine the dynamics of life and it's landscape?