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Congratulations MNR Class of 2018!


Seth Elsen

Supplementation and Community Involvement as Drivers of Salmon Recovery: Summer Chum Salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) Populations in Union and Tahuya Rivers, Washington, United States


Karen Mendenhall

Assessing Variation in Air Quality Perception: A Case Study in Utah


Steph Charette

Increased Spill Programs Within the Columbia River Dam System: A Comprehensive Overview of Dam Management Affects to Salmon and Steelhead Survival


Camille Stephens

Logan Canyon Climbing Management Plan for the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest, Logan Ranger District


Quinn Hall

Digital Data Standards and Paleontological Field Surveys - Adding Value Through Consistency


Aaron Langston

Proposing Solutions to the Washington Count Habitat Conservation Plan


Angela Wadman

Recreation Use and Impacts Around Temple Mountain, Utah


Brandy Carvalho

Sustainability Initiatives and Communication Tools for Employees of White Oak to Aid in the Reduction of the Impact of the Operation on the Environment

Andrea Johnston

Strategic Planning for Land and Water Protection in the Russian River Watershed, California, U.S.A

Laura Janway

Monitoring Phenology and Climate at Coronado National Memorial

Karen Duncan

Wildlife Risk Analysis Matrix for Biologists Dealing with Wildlife Strikes at Airports

Rhett Boswell

Seasonal Resource Selection and Habitat Treatment Use by a Fringe Population of Greater Sage-Grouse

Arlo Wing

A Burrowing Owl Management Plan for Utah

Wyatt Bubak

Local Law Enforcement Agency Interaction with Utah Conservation Officers

Jacie Pressett

An Investigation of Factors Impacting if Utah Agriculture Teachers Offer Natural Resources Courses