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Online Courses

Eligible Courses for Core Competencies:

Human Dimensions (3-credits)

ENVS 6010: Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management (3, USU) (syllabus

ENVS 4110/6110:  Human Dimensions of Wildlife Management (3, USU) (syllabus)
FOR 6543:   Natural Resource Economics & Valuation  (3, U of Fl) (syllabus)


Ecological Foundations (3-credits)

NR 6570: Ecological Foundations of Natural Resources (3, USU) (syllabus)
WATS 6310:  Wetland Ecology and Management (3, USU) (syllabus) (NOT OFFERED FALL 2017)

WILD 6900: Wildfire Ecology Managment (3, USU)


Quantitative Methods (3-credits)

NR 6580: Data Analysis and Programming for NR Managers (3, USU) (syllabus)
WILD 6580:  Data Mgmt & Manipulation using R (1, USU) (syllabus)

WILD 6400:  Ecology of Animal Population (3, USU) (syllabus) (NOT OFFERED FALL 2017)
WATS 6650:  Principles of Fisheries Management (3, USU) (syllabus) (offered odd years)
WILD 6580:  Data Mgmt & Manipulation using R (1, USU) (syllabus)


Policy and Administration (3-credits)

ENVS 6310: Introduction to Environmental Federal Laws and Policy  (3, USU) (syllabus)
ENVS 6530: Natural Resource Administration (3, USU) (syllabus)
NEPA COURSES - take 3 credits


Spatial Information Management (3-credits)

NR 6910: Geographic Information Systems for Natural Resource Applications (3, USU) (syllabus)

NR 6910: Geographic Information Systems for Natural Resource Applications (3, USU) (syllabus)
NR 6950:  Geospatial Analysis (3, USU) (NEW COURSE OFFERED SPRING 2018)

NR 6930:  Advanced Geographic Information Systems (3, USU) (syllabus)
NR 6940:  Principles of Remote Sensing of Natural Resources (3, USU) (syllabus)

Additional Course Options  (3-credits)

ENVS 4610/6610: Foundations of Environmental Education (3, USU) (syllabus)

ENVS 4620/6620: Environmental Education Practicum (4, USU) (syllabus)
NR 6900: Forestry & Watershed Management (3, USU) (syllabus)

NEPA 6310: Technical Writing (1, USU/Shipley Group) (contact Melanie Conrad to register)
*The Technical Writing course is a two-day webinar offered through the Shipley Group.

Short Course options

Integrative Capstone (3-6 credits)

NR 6600: Integrative Capstone Experience (3-6, USU)
** Once you've registered for the capstone course go to the "Schedule and Options" tab to change the number of credit hours.

In addition to the courses we have listed here there are other courses offered through the Natural Resources Distance Learning Consortium.

Tuition Costs

Tuition costs for Out-of-State students is $457 per credit. ($415 tuition + $42 differential tuition per credit)
Tuition costs for In-State students is based on USU's tuition and fees table.

Other Natural Resource Programs: (certificate credits may count towards the MNR degree)

Geographic Information Science (GIS) Certificate
National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Certificate
Natural Resources and Environmental Education (NREE) Certificate