About the NEPA Certificate Program

The Department of Environment and Society (ENVS) at Utah State University and Shipley Group, Inc. partnership provides a comprehensive training program on the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) through which students can earn the NEPA Graduate Certificate.

Courses are offered for 2 credits or 3 continuing education units (3-day courses) or for 1 credit or 1.5 continuing education units (generally 1-2 day courses). A set of 12 credits or 18 continuing education units of this course work has been formalized into a graduate certificate program. See NEPA Curriculum for course descriptions.  See the Shipley Group for schedule of courses.

Courses are offered in a short-course format, either in-person or as webinars online.

Individuals interested in NEPA training have three options:

  • Course-by-course training (either for credit, continuing education units, or non-credit). 
  • A 12-credit or 18- continuing education unit graduate-level certificate in NEPA. 
  • Applying the NEPA courses taken for credit toward a Master’s of Natural Resources degree (for more information on this degree program please contact Melanie Conrad).

NEPA courses, as well as the entire NEPA Certificate Program, will be delivered on an open–enrollment basis, but can also be delivered on a contract basis to a group of people within an agency, firm, non-profit organization, or other cohort group for reduced fees.

Individuals may attend the NEPA training by paying the course fee, but they must pay both the course fee and tuition or continuing education unit fee to enroll in courses and earn the NEPA Graduate Certificate.  See NEPA Course Costs for cost details.

For more information, contact us.