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Paul Rogers Aspen Study Gets Wide Exposure

Chris Luecke


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Dr. Paul Rogers, faculty member in the Wildland Resources Department and Director of the Western Aspen Alliance, has received much coverage of his research paper on the decline of the aspen clone “Pando” due to grazing effects and climate change (PloS One ref).  News outlets such as the NY Times, USA Today, Sciencemag, and Nature, have picked up on the story.  International news organizations have also reported on the study.

Dr. Rogers and his team report on the declining health and changing demographics of the clone and report on results of an experiment where younger, vigorous shoots of aspen occur in regions where elk and deer grazing have been reduced using fencing plans.  These results will allow the U.S. Forest Service to better manage this unique aspen stand in Utah’s Dixie National Forest.

Below is a sampling of articles published about the study: