Bear River Info Bank

Bear Lake Watch Special Collection

The Bear Lake Watch Special Collection of documents and other Bear River related information is housed in the S.J. and Jessie E. Quinney Natural Resources Research Library and the Utah State University Special Collections and Archives. This database aims to provide reviewed reports from the work of water scientists, engineers, managers, policy-makers, and concerned citizens. These reports represent experts from academia, industry, and other entities.

In an effort to preserve and collate the materials and provide easy access where possible, the Quinney Library has digitized numerous documents. When possible, this anthology will contain the full-text pdf of each document for online viewing or downloading. Additionally, for those items not available for full text access the site will provide a complete citation including links when plausible.

Bear Lake Watch, incorporated in 1994, is a non-profit group dedicated to the conservation and utilization of the waters of Bear Lake. The issues at Bear Lake are diverse and multifaceted and the aim of Bear Lake Watch is to foster positive discussions and networks among stakeholders.

Anyone can view and/or submit projects in the database but only current Bear Lake Watch volunteers can validate the information. Projects not yet validated will not show. If you have discovered an error with data please let us know by emailing

USU’s Bear River Watershed Historical Digital Collection

The Bear River Watershed's geography, history, and development are the primary focus of the USU’s Bear River Watershed Collection of images, maps, papers, and reports. Funded by grants from the Utah State University Water Initiative, this project digitizes selected materials cited in the Bear River Watershed Historical Bibliography, including photographs of the Bear River from the 1860s to the 1990s, manuscripts and records of local irrigation companies, and research on the societal impact of reclamation development in the Bear River Basin. Originals are housed in Utah State University Libraries' Special Collections and Archives.

Bear Watershed Information System Webpage

As part of a Targeted Watersheds Grant sponsored by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Utah State University developed this Watershed Information System (WIS) for the Bear River in collaboration with the Bear River Commission, Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming Departments of Environmental Quality, and a number of other interested stakeholders. This website is intended to be a central location where users can get data and information related to water quality and other watershed related issues in the Bear River Basin.