Quinney Library Institutional Repository

This institutional repository, a.k.a. Digital Commons is a comprehensive showcase of everything produced by the members of the Quinney College of Natural Resources. The library’s Digital Commons collection supports the research and teaching for the Department of Wildland Resources, Department of Water Resources, and the Department of Environment and Society, as well as for the Ecology Center.


Environment and Society

Watershed Sciences

Wildland Resources

Ecology Center

Natural Resources and Environmental Issues

NREI, first published in 1993, recognizes its role in educating natural resources leaders who can then provide the guidance needed to increase the production of the earth's renewable resources while sustaining/enhancing the global environment. The journal is published in a series of volumes, each addressing a single topic.

Restoring the West Conference

The Restoring the West Conference is an annual project intended to improve technical, social, and economic knowledge and abilities of forest and rangeland managers and owners, arborists, urban foresters, and natural resources-based outdoor recreation and tourism interests.

Spring Runoff Conference

The Spring Runoff Conference, so named because it is held at the end of winter and in anticipation of spring’s runoff season – a time of anticipation and excitement in hydrology, provides an opportunity for the sharing of ideas and scholarly on all aspects of water science, ecology, policy, engineering, and management.

Aspen Bibliography

The Aspen Bibliography, sponsored by the Western Aspen Alliance and the Quinney Natural Resources Research Library, provides a comprehensive and searchable database of published and unpublished aspen references.

Green Canyon Bibliography

The Green Canyon Ecology Research Center in North Logan, UT was purchased for use in conducting livestock research, wildlife research, and veterinary research. This site is also the principal center for activities aimed at breeding crops, testing new varieties of grasses, and researching irrigation and soil management.

Bark Beetles, Fuels, and Fire Bibliography

The Bark Beetles, Fuels, and Fire Bibliography contains records of bark beetle outbreaks. These outbreaks have resulted in the loss of hundreds of thousands of conifers on approximately 30 million hectares of forested lands in western North America during the last decade. Many forests remain susceptible to bark beetle infestation and will continue to experience high levels of conifer mortality until suitable host trees are depleted, or natural factors cause populations to collapse.

T.W. "Doc" Daniel Experimental Forest

The T.W. Daniel Experimental Forest, part of the Wasatch-Cache National Forest, is near the summit of Logan Canyon. Research performed on this piece of national forest makes up this bibliography and includes thesis, dissertations and research papers.

US/IBP Desert Biome Digital Collection

The International Biological Program (IBP) Desert Biome Collection consists of 750 digital items surrounding a NFA grant to the USU Ecology Center between 1964 and 1974.

North American Forest Ecology Workshop

The North American Forest Ecology Workshop (NAFEW) provides opportunities for forest ecologists to meet and discuss new findings and trends in basic and applied ecology. The workshop covers a broad array of topics, addressing the range of ecological issues and sub-disciplines while focusing around the individual conference themes.

Conference in University Education in Natural Resources

The Conference in University Education in Natural Resources explores teaching, learning innovations, and issues facing educators in natural resource fields. The conference blends plenary and breakout sessions devoted to topics that reflect the diverse subject areas, techniques, and perspectives of faculty and administrators across a broad spectrum of interests and responsibilities.