Outdoor Education

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Quinney Library offers Natural Science Kits to loan to educators in Cache County. The kits investigate the local ecology of the region from birds and mammals to streams and forests. Local teachers may check out the kits for FREE! Kits are on a first-come, first-served basis and may be kept for a two-week period.

Tree Ring Study Kit

Tree rounds provide an ideal hands-on resource for introducing students to botany, forestry, dendrology and methods scientists use to determine past climatic conditions.

Skull Replica Study Kits

Unique collection of hands-on resources for teaching about feeding behavior and trophic food pyramid concepts. Kit includes five skull replicas: coyote, jackrabbit, barn owl, meadow vole and rattlesnake.

Logan Canyon Outdoor Exploration Kit

Exploration kit is designed for children ages 7-101. Contains a selection of books and equipment related to nature in Logan Canyon. Designed as a starter kit that will initiate interest in the field while teaching basic observation and identification skills.

Wetlands Discovery Trunk

A portable hands-on trunk is designed to help people of all ages better understand the processes and interactions in water environments.

Ecosystems Discovery Trunk

This environmental education trunk is intended for secondary (and late primary) pupils. The kit offers a creative approach to environmental education and is designed to arouse curiosity and provide a lifelong love of nature.

Wildlife Discovery Trunk

The Wildlife trunk contains a variety of information about the common mammals found in Utah mountains. Tracks, scat, and tracking activities help sharpen students' senses outside, making them more aware of subtle signs that reveal the variety of animals that we live with.