Karl Flessa

Professor of Geosciences

University of Arizona

Karl Flessa

Contact Information

Phone: (520) 621-7336
Email: kflessa@email.arizona.edu

Research Interests & Background

Karl Flessa and his students have been conducting research on the Colorado River delta since 1992.  They have documented the effects of upstream water diversions on the fauna of the river’s estuary and estimated flows necessary for their restoration.  Flessa directed the NSF-supported Research Coordination Network: Colorado River Delta, the environmental monitoring program for the Ciénega de Santa Clara during the test run of the Yuma Desalting Plant and is currently the Chief Scientist for the Minute 323 Monitoring Program for the Colorado River Delta.  He was a Distinguished Visiting Scientist at Australia’s CSIRO, where he studied river management in the Murray-Darling Basin.  He received his undergraduate degree at Lafayette College and his Ph.D. from Brown University.

Selected Colorado River Publications & Presentations


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Presenter at the Conservation Biology Program, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities: “A brief meeting of the waters: Science and policy of the first environmental flow to the Colorado River Delta” to the Conservation Biology Program, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities; February, 2016.