Reagan Waskom

Former Director (retired), Colorado Water Institute

Colorado State University

Reagan Waskom

Research Interests & Background

Dr. Waskom was the Director of the Colorado Water Institute and as Director of the Colorado State University Water Center, where his responsibility was to address water research and information needs for the State of Colorado. Much of his research focused on agricultural water conservation in the Colorado River basin, surface and groundwater interactions in the S. Platte Basin, and impacts of oil & gas production on water resources in Colorado. Earlier research topics included phosphorus runoff from irrigated fields, impacts of meadow management on stream water quality, irrigation management practices in Colorado, irrigation runoff, aquifer sensitivity and vulnerability, and producer adoption of BMPs.

Selected Colorado River Publications & Presentations


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“Colorado State of Mind” TV (PBS) show, reporting on the functioning of the Interim Guidelines and the Lower Basin structural deficit.  (With Doug Kenney.)  January 21, 2016.

Presenter at the Colorado River Symposium of the Water Education Foundation, September 17-18, 2015.