Aquatic Invertebrate Database

NAMC maintains a spatial database that includes counts of different taxa associated with all of the aquatic invertebrate samples that our lab has processed as well as macroinvertebrate data from other surveys that we have ingested. The database currently contains data from over 33,000 unique sites in the United States. We provide an easy-to-use interface (the Mapping Application for Freshwater Invertebrate Taxa or MAPIT) that enables outside scientists and practitioners to access and download these data. We request, but do not require, that researchers interested in using these data contact the NAMC Director to discuss potential collaborations. We have a deep understanding of both the potential uses of these data as well as their limitations.

Globe with a pointer

The map interface allows users to query sites by filtering on the following:

  • US state
  • Specific taxonomic name
  • Sample type (e.g., benthic or drift)
  • Sample method (how samples were collected)
  • Date range

Queried data are output as both a map and as a downloadable csv file. Returned fields include site data (location, name, stream or river), sample collection data (date, area, method, sample type), and taxonomy data (scientific name, count).

NAMC plans to further improve map and query functionality and will periodically update the database query tool. If you have specific questions about data, or if the map does not meet your needs, please contact NAMC’s Director.

Map of the U.S. with pink dots representing locations of taxonomy samples from 1903 to 2023
Database map of U.S. data points

Map of Utah with pink dots
Example map output following filter options