Berryman Institute Internships

About the Berryman Institute

The Berryman Institute is an international organization named after Jack H. Berryman in honor of his distinguished career in wildlife management. The Berryman Institute is dedicated to enhancing human-wildlife relationships by better managing human-wildlife conflicts through research, education, extension, and outreach. The Berryman Institute works cooperatively with federal, state, and private partners to identify and support research needs evaluating strategies to better manage human-wildlife conflicts. The Berryman Institute publishes Human-Wildlife Interactions - the only peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the science of human-wildlife conflict management.

Internship Program

The goal of the Berryman Institute is to contribute to the developmental needs of the wildlife damage management professional through continuing education, educational enhancement, and recognition of personal, research, and career excellence in wildlife damage management. To achieve these goals, The Berryman Institute provides a $11,000 scholarship to selected undergraduate interns nationwide who have demonstrated an interest in pursuing a career in human-wildlife conflict management. In additional to the $11,000 scholarship,USDA Wildlife Service will pay for student interns to travel to their summer work location and back, pay for salary and benefits during the summer work experience, and provide housing for the summer work experience.

USU Berryman Institute Scholarship Criteria

  1. Major in the natural or physical sciences, such as agriculture, biology, chemistry, mammalogy, zoology, wildlife biology, wildlife sciences, environmental science or a related field in order to meet the Office of Personnel Management's Qualifications for wildlife biologists (GS-0486) series.
  2. Demonstrate an interest and participation in activities to develop leadership competencies and provide community service throughout the duration of the program.
  3. Remain in good academic standing and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or better for juniors and seniors each semester.
  4. Agree to participate in a PAID 10-week summer internship opportunity with damage management activities.

Contact Information

Dr. Terry A. Messmer

Director Berryman Institute
Phone:  435-797-3975
Office:  BNR 279


USDA Wildlife Services is invovled in international efforts to manage the spread of invasive species. One major effort involved the management of the brown tree snake to protect island bio-diversity and prevent the spread of the reptile to other areas, including the US.

How to Apply
  • Applications will be accepted Feb.1 - March 15.
  • Recipients will be notified by April 1.
  • Submit the following application materials as a single pdf by email to
    • Cover letter describing your interest in pursing a career in human-wildlife conflict management
    • Resume
    • Current unofficial transcripts
    • wo letters of reference