January 13, 2022
Fish Hatchery

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Logan Fish Hatchery (2 positions)


The Logan Fish Hatchery is a multi-species warm and cold water hatchery raising a variety of species including: rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, brook trout, June sucker, bluehead sucker, wiper and others species depending on need.  


  • clean rearing enclosures
  • feed fish
  • weigh correct amounts of feed
  • note and remove mortalities
  • regular maintenance items
  • monitor fish for disease and deformities
  • otherwise assist with the day-to-day operations of a fish hatchery

Preferred qualifications/skills:

The ideal applicant possesses knowledge of fish production techniques and technology. Preference may also be given to an individual interested in pursuing a career within an aquaculture related field.

Salary: $11.78 - $12.50 DOE

Location: Logan, Utah

Number of openings: 2

Any physical requirements: ability to repeatedly lift 50 lbs feed bags

To apply please complete the 2-step application process.

  • Apply to the QCNR summer internship program HERE.
  • Send a resumer, cover letter and references to Gary Howes by email, garyhowes@utah.gov

Application deadline is March 4, 2022