January 20, 2022
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Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Regional Intern (3 Positions)


The goal of the internship program is to give undergraduate students a broad exposure to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (Division) and illustrate the many career possibilities available through the agency.  The Division has six sections including Administrative Services, Aquatics, Conservation Outreach, Habitat, Law Enforcement, and Wildlife; this position is designed to give the intern experience in all of these sections.  We will provide a variety of field and office experiences working with wildlife and habitat as well as networking opportunities with professionals.  As a Regional Intern, you will, under the supervision of a Division mentor, gain an extensive understanding of how a state wildlife agency functions.  There are three internships, one in each of three Division Regional Offices: Ogden, Vernal, and Price. Housing will be available in Price.


Conduct field and office work in wildlife, aquatics, habitat, law enforcement, and conservation outreach.  Specific duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Field data collection on wildlife and aquatic species
  • Field data collection on habitat projects.
  • Assisting Conservation Officers in law enforcement activities.
  • Assisting Outreach Manager with public information activities.
  • Assisting all sections with data compilation, data entry, and other office related tasks

Work with a Division mentor to gain a broad understanding of the agency.  This may include:

  • Reviewing Division materials such as management plans, conservation strategies, rules, and proclamations.
  • Attending a Regional Advisory Council meeting.
  • Networking with Division employees.
  • Provide an internship project report highlighting your experiences and suggesting ways to improve the internship program.


Applicants must be current undergraduate students in a degree program in the Quinney College of Natural Resources. Applicants must have a general knowledge of wildlife, aquatics, and/or habitat management in Utah and/or general knowledge of wildlife law enforcement and conservation outreach.  They must have the ability to learn new skills rapidly and effectively as well as take instruction and conduct field or office work as directed.  They should also have the ability to operate office, laboratory, and field equipment, including vehicles, safely and effectively. A valid driver's license is required.  Successful applicants will be expected to work under difficult field conditions for extended periods of time.


Interns may, as an option, enroll for up to 2 credits; points are also available for Honors students.  Students taking credit or Honors points will work with an Academic mentor and be given mutually-agreed upon academic assignments to complete during their internship.

Salary: $12.13 - $12.87 depending on experience

Location: base of operations in Ogden, Vernal, Price.

Number of Openings: 3 (one in each location)

Closing Date: applications will be accepted until March 4, 2022

Employment Dates: flexible; not to exceed 12 weeks between early May and end of Aug

To apply: Please complete the 2-step process.

  1. Fill out the online UDWR application HERE
  2. Complete the QCNR Summer internship application HERE.

For more information contact:

Dr. Frank P. Howe
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
frankhowe@utah.gov (subject line “USU-DWR Undergrad Internship Application”)