February 18, 2022
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United States Geological Survey (USGS), The Nature Conservancy, and Wildland Resources – Moab/Indian Creek/Abajo Mtns (2 Positions)

Field Technician Internship – Moab/Indian Creek/Abajo Mtns Utah (2 Positions)

Internship Description:

The incumbent will have the opportunity to work on two rangeland research projects, working closely with USGS scientists and staff, TNC staff, and USU graduate students. This opportunity will expose the student to a variety of research approaches, methods, and types of investigations pursued by ecological and rangeland research scientists.  Primarily, the interns will have an opportunity to work on rangeland monitoring associated with a desert grazing experiment and assessment of mountain pasture conditions using standard methods.

Intern Tasks:

Field measurements of plant and soil cover, biological soil crust measurements, soil and plant sampling, and data entry.

Expected Outcomes:

Interns will work closely with scientists, graduate students, or skilled biological technicians in all aspects of their internship.  We will provide an orientation session that includes background on the larger scientific questions being addressed by the research projects as well as opportunities to attend presentations given by visiting scientists and resource managers.  Interns can expect to gain plant identification skills and significant experience with standard rangeland monitoring methods.  We will also work closely with interns to assure they obtain desired work experience to the degree achievable within the confines of the research projects and their abilities.

Level of Physical Demand: The work requires physical exertion, often in hot weather,such as long periods of standing, walking over rough, uneven, or rocky surfaces; recurring bending, crouching, stooping, stretching, reaching, or similar activities; or recurring lifting of moderately heavy items. The work may require specific, but common, physical characteristics and abilities such as above-average agility and dexterity.  Work will frequently deviate from a regular work week schedule and often require working eight  - 10-hour days in a row with 6 days off; many of the 8-day work weeks will require camping and enduring inclement weather.  

Salary: $12.50 an hour, full time, from May 16th to early August

Location: Moab, Utah with work based in Indian Creek, the Abajo Mountains, and the Canyonlands Research Center (https://canyonlandsresearchcenter.org/)

Housing: Housing will be provided at the CRC tent cabins (https://canyonlandsresearchcenter.org/facilities/index).

Closing Date: Application open until filled. Application review will begin March 1.

How to Apply: Please complete the 2-step application process.

  1. Apply to the QCNR summer internship program HERE
  2. Send a resume, cover letter and reference to Erika Geiger egeiger@usgs.gov and Maria Stahl maria.stahl@usu.edu