January 19, 2023

Logan Fish Hatchery 

GIS Technician 


We are seeking applicants to assist the Logan Hatchery scanning our blueprints and recording them into our GIS database. 


Successful applicants will assist the Logan hatchery to transfer our blueprints to our new GIS database system. The intern will scan blueprints, georeference them as overlays/underlays to digitize features and input them into the GIS database. The intern will be responsible for scanning documents, using ArcGIS Desktop tools to evaluate and map shapefiles, and organize files according to a complex system. The intern will also use COGO and other advanced GIS tools to create and correct GIS data. 

Scope of Work: 

  • Use PDF, image, CAD file, etc. construction and as-built drawings provided by the UDWR for the Logan Hatchery to digitize and attribute site features into the GIS Hatchery database. Populate with new features/attributes of the Logan Hatchery into the existing GIS Hatchery database with established database, project, and attribute data models.  These features must include: building footprints or outlines based on the drawings provided and utility system locations for the site, attribute tables with feature information and attachments 
  • Digitize and populate geodatabase and ArcGIS Pro project files with provided site plan documents. Provide construction drawing attachments linked to features in the GIS to access PDF as-builts and other electronic files provided by the UDWR. 

Project Deliverables: 

  • Deliver an ESRI compliant file geodatabase and ArcGIS Pro project files for the Logan Hatchery. Deliverable should be either in a ZIP file or an ArcGIS Pro Package file. 

Scope of Services: 

  1. Use PDF construction drawings provided by UDWR for the Logan hatchery as a reference for drawing in site features. These site features will include the following: 
    1. Building footprints or outlines based on the drawings provided. 
    2. Utility System locations for the hatchery site. 
  2. Utilize existing Hatchery geodatabase to add in utility and site plan data for the Logan hatchery 
  3. Provide construction drawing attachments linked within the drawing for DWR to access PDF as-builts and other electronic files provided by DWR. 
  4. Provide the deliverable as a zip file for DWR to deploy inside their own infrastructure. 


Successful Applicants must be current undergraduate students in a degree program in the Quinney College of Natural Resources. They must have the ability to learn new skills rapidly and effectively as well as take instruction and conduct field or office work as directed. While not required, preference will be given to applicants with: experience using ArcGIS and Microsoft Office; experience reading and interpreting blueprints. We are seeking someone with attention to detail and the ability to work on his or her own. Some travel may be required to visit the Logan hatchery. Most work can be done from home. 

Salary: $15 an hour 

Location: base of operations in Logan; no housing provided. Some teleworking optional. 

Number of Openings: 1 

Closing Date: March 4, 2023 

Employment Dates: start date flexible mid-May through mid-August; 12 weeks 


Apply to the QCNR summer internship program here