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QCNR’s Trek to Academic Success

Year 1

Enroll in your choice of NR Professional Orientation class (WILD/WATS/ENVS 2000)

_ Meet with your academic advisor to create a DegreeWorks plan- 15 credits/semester

_ Meet with your Peer Advisor to start a resume outline- get it done early!

_ Add QCNR on Instagram and Facebook

_ Create a LinkedIn and Aggie Handshake profile

_ Join a QCNR club, or get involved in the Student Council

_ Attend our weekly coffee hour and other student events

_ Start volunteering- create an AggieSync account to find opportunities

_ Explore QCNR summer internships

Year 2

Continue to meet with your advisors at least once a semester

_ Meet with the QCNR Career Coach to perfect your resume

_ Stay active in your clubs/affiliation/volunteer opportunities

_ Add faculty/potential employers on LinkedIn

_ Participate in a study abroad or career exploration trip

_ Maintain the “right” 15 credits per semester

_ Go to both university-wide and QCNR career fairs

_ Look for QCNR internships and/or field work

_ Start working on a cover letter template for employers

Year 3

_ Look into starting your own research, or become a research assistant for a grad student

_ Gain leadership experience in your clubs/affiliations

_ Continue to meet with your advisors: faculty, academic, and peer

_ Find a professional mentor/ faculty member to advocate for you

_ Apply for Undergraduate Teaching Fellows position

_ Research post-graduate opportunities

_ Practice telling your story at networking events- get your elevator pitch down

Year 4

_ Apply for graduate school or post-graduate opportunities

_ Tailor your resume to match and fit opportunities

_ Participate in mock interviews with Career Services

_ Find interview-appropriate clothing to make a great first impression

_ Research company cultures and salaries for the jobs you want

_ Utilize your professional network to gain letters of recommendations and references

_ Continue leadership in clubs, and perhaps become a mentor for a freshman

_ Accept your job offers, and complete your graduate survey