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Quinney College of Natural Resources Student Senator


Rachel Chamberlain 

Rachel Chamberlain is the 2019-20 QCNR Academic Senator. She represents QCNR students on the Academic Senate, through direct advocacy to administration, and various other functions. If you ever have a question about the QCNR, student involvement, or USU in general, don't hesitate to reach her at

Office Hours

Tuesday: 11-1 TSC 327
Wednesday: 11-2 NR 112
Thursday: 3-6 NR 112

QCNR Undergraduate Student Council

President: Maria Catalano

Administrative Assistant: Hannah Johnson

Council Members: Zoey Marty, Adam Johnson, Erin Alexander, Emily Bonebrake, Sarah Baldwin, Sydney Southers, Jake Gottschalk, Justine Cornwall, Trish Nelson, Jeni Sidwell, Sierra Allen, Kenen Goodwin, Ethan Hammer, Bailey Holdaway

QCNR Graduate Student Council

Head Chairperson: Stan Rhodes

ENVS Representative: Ryan Tarver

WATS Representative: Christina Morrisett

WILD Representative: Chris Brown

Graduate-Undergraduate Liaison: Michelle Arnold

Medical Fund Liaison: Noah Creany

Social Coordinators: Shannon Wessrom, Britta Schumacher, Sofia Koutzoukis, Nick Barrett

Safety Liaison: Cole Bleke

Ecolunch Corrdinators: Greg Goodrum, Emma Doden