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Quinney College of Natural Resources Student Leadership


Meridian Wappett 

Meridian Wappett is the 2021-22 QCNR Academic Senator. She represents QCNR students on the Academic Senate, through direct advocacy to administration, and various other functions. If you ever have a question about the QCNR, student involvement, or USU in general, don't hesitate to reach her at

Office Hours

Monday: 2-4pm TSC 327
Tuesday: 10am-12pm NR 112
Wednesday: 9am-12pm NR 112
Thursday: 9am-12pm TSC 327

QCNR Undergraduate Student Council

President: Lily Martidale 
Vice President: Katie Siesel

Council Members: Quincy Knowlten, Lily Martindale, Kierston Jo McDonald, Ilah Hickman, River Johson, Lauren Cole, Jena Austin, Abigail NacKay

QCNR Graduate Student Council

Chair: Christina Morrisett

ENVS Representative: Leanna DeJong

WATS Representative: Macy Gustavus

WILD Representative: Veronica Winter

Medical Fund Liaison: Mitchell Parsons

Social Coordinators: Lauren Herbine, Katy Gardner, Gordon Gianniny, Megan Whetzel, Kristin Nesbit

Safety Liaison: Evan Holt

Ecolunch Corrdinators: Soren Struckman (Fall)