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Quinney College of Natural Resources Student Senator


Molly V
Molly Van Engelenhoven

Molly Van Engelenhoven is the 2016-17 QCNR Academic Senator. She represents QCNR students on the Academic Senate, through direct advocacy to administration, and various other functions. If you ever have a question about the QCNR, student involvement, or USU in general, don't hesitate to reach her at nrsenator.ususa@usu.ed


QCNR Student Council

President  - Liz Winters

Administrative Assistant - Sarah Woodbury

Public Relations Director - Darianne Wiley

Club Coordinator - Beth Carlson

Service Director - Cade Andrus

Graudate Council Liason - Lisa Green

Council Members - Casey Brucker, Zach Hulsey, Creed Stephens