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Quinney College of Natural Resources Undergraduate Research Grants (URGS)


Any registered undergraduate student of sophomore rank or above who is in good academic standing and majoring in a Quinney College of Natural Resources degree program is eligible to apply for an Undergraduate Research Grant (URG) to support the development and completion of an independent research project.  Research proposed and funded must be completed before the student graduates. Students may receive a maximum of $2,500 in QCNR undergraduate research funding (including scholarships and research support) during their undergraduate degree program.

Students are encouraged to use QCNR research funding as a match to obtain funding from other sources (e.g. USU URCO funding). Application for an URG is not required for the URCO match. However, students needing more than the URCO match amount for their projects must still submit a separate URG application. Students who apply for funding for a second research project must have already submitted a final report for the first research project.

What the Grants Will Support

QCNR Undergraduate Research Grants will provide funds for any combination of these categories, with a maximum of $1,500 total for a 15-week project or $2,500 for a project spanning two 15-week periods:

  • Research Costs (up to $1,000 per project):
    • Materials and supplies
    • Costs of sample processing in service labs
    • Research-related travel (funding for presenting research is not allowable under this grant, but students are encouraged to apply for a QCNR travel grant for this purpose, by contacting the Dean via email with a request).
  • Student scholarship to assist with living expenses while planning and conducting research (up to $1,000 per 15-week period and up to a maximum of $2,000 during their undergraduate degree program).
    • A favorable evaluation of a midpoint progress report is required for projects planned to extend beyond 15 weeks).
    • Scholarships must be clearly justified in the Budget Justification section of the proposal.  Scholarships are intended to alleviate time constraints created by working other jobs so that the student can focus his/her time on the proposed research.

Project Duration

Projects are generally expected to last a single semester, or 15 weeks. If a project is planned to last more than 15 weeks, a progress report is due midway through the project, and that date must be specified in the proposal. Continued funding for projects planned for > 15 weeks is contingent on favorable review of the midpoint progress report (see reporting requirements below).

Regardless of the proposed project length, all activities outlined in the proposal, including submission of the final report must be completed within no more than 1 year of the award date or before graduation, whichever comes first.  

Academic Credit

Students receiving grants may sign up for an academic credit of Undergraduate Research in one of the QCNR Departments. The student and faculty mentor should agree in writing on specific expectations for the awarding of academic credit and grading before registration for credit is complete.