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Seven of our undergraduates have been awarded URCOs by the Office of Research. This is a phenomenal number! University-wide for this proposal round, 53 complete proposals were submitted, and 22 projects were funded. Thank you for all your work with students on undergraduate research! 

URCOs Awarded:

Sierra Allen: “Impaired glucose metabolism in niacin deficient transgenic mice,” faculty mentor Mirella Meyer-Ficca (ADVS, CAAS).

Elyse Doty: “Do Aspen Stands Reduce Fire Severity and Stop Fire Spread?,” faculty mentor Larissa Yocom.

Angelia Klein: “Using lichens as bioindicators of pollutant concentrations at Cache County Elementary Schools,” faculty mentor Janice Brahney.

Michael Stapleton: “Using Dendroclimatology to Study a Disjunct Population of Pinus Ponderosa in Northern Utah,” faculty mentor Justin DeRose.

Lauren Tango: “Human Appropriation of Net Primary Productivity Faculty Mentor,” faculty mentor Christopher Lant.

Elise Riley: “Phenology and Climate Change in the TW Daniel Experimental Forest,” faculty mentor Kari Veblen.

Hollee Wood: “USU Community Knowledge and Perceptions of Free-roaming Equids and Their Management,” faculty mentor Terry Messmer.