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The Wildlife Society - Officers

Utah State University Chapter

2017 - 2018 Officers

Maggie has a love for the outdoors and all things carnivore. She is currently studying cougar detection rates in Logan Canyon and is fully committed to the success of the club. She wants to diversify the scope of wildlife that we work with and to get more students involved in activities.


Maggie Hallerud
Daniel is an avid backpacker and naturalist with an ever growing curiosity about ecology and how the natural world works. He has an interest in mesocarnivores and would like to incorporate more mammalian-related activities that the club participates in.

Vice President

Daniel Johnson
Rylee's passion is capturing the beauty and intricacies of the natural world through her camera lens. She is dedicated to research and would love for other students in the college to feel the way she does about wildlife conservation and ecology with more outreach programs.


Rylee Jensen
McCall got involved in the natural resources program through her love of the outdoors, so she is just like the rest of us! She is always up for an adventure and wants to use her leadership experience to help the club in the future.


McCall Iorg
Kenan is the #1 herpetologist! He wants to keep traditional TWS activities alive while incorporating his knowledge and skill set to find new, creative activities and field trips for students to go on.


Kennan Goodwin
As a former journalist, Eric understands how important outreach and education is in the wildlife and natural resources field. He is also involved in multiple research projects on campus and wants to use his public communications experience to get students involved and excited about TWS!

Public Relations

Eric Ethington
Dan MacNulty observing Yellowstone wolves with a spotting scope.

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Dan MacNulty
Frank Howe, our Utah Division of Wildland Resources liaison.

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Frank Howe