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Hiring Information and Forms

Supervisors: Step One

Complete New Job Request - Advertising Form - select one:

Supervisors: Step Two

Complete Hiring Request Form - QCNR Hiring Request Form
Information needed from supervisor to complete the hiring process for a new employee:

  • Name
  • A-Number
  • Start Date
  • End Date (if applicable)
  • Payrate
  • Index
  • Position Title
  • Work Location
  • Supervisor Name and Backup Supervisor name

Employee Information and Forms

For Hourly Employees, Complete the Following:

USU Resources for Employees

New Employee Information:

Human Resources (benefits, wellness, forms/policies, etc.)
Service Now (Submit requests for leave, travel, purchases, etc.)
Banner INB/SSB: 

Employee Training:

Driver's Training
Sexual Harassment Prevention
P-card Training
FERPA Training (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)
Lab Safety Training


Academic Calendar:
University Holiday Calendar: