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Center for Colorado River Studies

at Utah State University


On-going and accelerating climate change will inevitably decrease the flow of the Colorado River, stressing human society and river ecosystems that are dependent on the River’s flow. Research conducted by the Center for Colorado River Studies focuses on identifying ways to efficiently manage availability of the River for human uses while also identifying linkages between the River’s flow and quality and native aquatic and riparian ecosystems.


We train future managers, scientists, and advocates of the Colorado River. Tomorrow's decisions will be made by people trained in state-of-the-science engineering, natural science, and social science with a broad perspective in history, politics, and protection. Our goal is to help students address modern problems with a broad suite of technical tools and the courage to ask innovative and provocative questions.


The Center’s outreach program seeks to empower all citizens of the Colorado River to understand the implications of new and emerging science and engineering, to form policy-relevant opinions about the River’s management, to appreciate the River’s history, and to appreciate the River’s unique native ecosystems. The Center organizes workshops and other activities to accomplish these outcomes.

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