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Center for Colorado River Studies

at Utah State University


Management decisions about the Colorado River and its water supply must be based on sound climate, watershed, and river science. We undertake critical studies that inform how the Colorado River and its tributaries can be effectively managed. We are especially interested in research and outreach about priority locations and actions that provide the best opportunity for significant restoration success.


We train future researchers and managers who will be responsible for tomorrow's Colorado River. At Utah State University, students are given the opportunity to learn about ecological and political challenges we face regarding the balance between the amount of of the water used consumptively and the amount needed to maintain nationally recognized, and ecologically significant, river and reservoir resources.


We provide education and training to stakeholders to support informed and focused decision making. Because the water available to restore the Colorado River ecosystem is increasingly limited, we are especially interested in outreach that helps inform the very difficult decisions managers face in ecological and political climates with limited resources.

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Center for Colorado River Studies at Utah State University is a nexus for innovative research, teaching, and outreach to support management of the Colorado River and other major rivers of the American Southwest.