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About Christy Leonard

Christy Leonard

Christy Leonard joined the Center for Colorado River Studies in August 2017 and comes with an extensive background in applying techniques of remote sensing to characterize fluvial systems. Christy graduated with a Masters Degree in Geography/Water Resources from the University of Wyoming in 2015, and worked for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from 2009-2017 on a range of water resource and flood reduction projects.

Christy Leonard's Resume


Middle Green River

The need for proactive solutions that integrate river sciences into policy motivated Christy to pursue a Ph.D. at the Center for Colorado River Studies, where her research focuses on hypotheses rooted in river management the Middle Green River. More specifically, Christy’s research aims to establish morphological meaning to flux-based sediment budgets by identifying mechanisms, whether large (e.g., changes in cross-section geometry or slope) or small (e.g., changes in bed material grain size), which underlie channel responses to upstream changes in sediment influx induced by water resource infrastructure.