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Lake Mead

18 April 2017
John Fleck from JFleck@Inkstain: "There are 5 key reasons why the Fill Mead First argument doesn’t hold water, and while each of them on their own could be a good enough reason to look past the reality of the situation, together they make a compelling case for keeping Glen Canyon Dam in place, at least for now."

News about CCS

10 March 2017
"Fill Mead First" plan to drain Lake Powell has sprung some big leaks, a new assessment finds

News about CCS

Whether we are talking about draining all of its water or just most of it, reducing  Lake Powell to a secondary status behind Lake Mead would fail in two of the plan’s most important goals, according to a technical assessment released last fall by Utah State University researchers. One of the primary conclusions of the so-called “Fill Mead First” proposal was that water loss, through evaporation and through reservoir bank storage and seepage into the bedrock below Lake Powell, would be greatly diminished by storing water primarily in Lake Mead.

13 August 2016
High Country News: Dammed if you do...