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Partners and Information

Center for Colorado River Studies

Tamarisk Coalition

Tamarisk Coalition works to help people manage invasive plant species and to restore native riparian vegetation. They promote cross-boundary, ecosystem-wide restoration approaches with a landscape-scale perspective. Their geographic focus is characterized by potential habitat at risk for tamarisk establishment. They also act as an information clearinghouse, and develop important resources, methods, and solutions necessary for restoring riparian landscapes. 

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Colorado River Research Group

A self-directed team of Colorado River scholars. Each member has led a research program concerning water resources management, river science, or water law and public policy, or has written widely on these topics. Their purpose is to provide a non-partisan, basin-wide perspective on matters pertaining to the Colorado River, helping all those with a stake in the river identify, justify and implement actions that sustainably meet society's demands for water while maintaining the distinct attributes of the Colorado River ecosystem.

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