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Watershed Sciences Department and Ecology Center Seminars


Wednesday, January 9 12:30 pm, NR 105 Dr. Peter Wilcock Master Brian BaileyDr. Peter Wilcock and Master Brian Bailey Graduate Student Question and Answer Session
Wednesday, Thursday, Jan 16/17 Wednesday, 4:00 pm,  Thursday, 4:00 pm,  Dr. Johanna VarnerEcology Center Seminar - Dr. Johanna Varner, Assistant Professor, Biology, Colorado Mesa University, Fort Collins, CO Wednesday: "Engaging Citizens in Place-Based Climate Change Research" Thursday: "Pikas Under Fire: American Pika Ecology and Behavior in a Time of Global Change"
 Wednesday, January 23 12:30 pm, NR 105 Dr. Chris KeleherChris Kelleher, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources "Sensitive Species Conservation in Utah: There is No Finish Line"
Wednesday, January 30 12:30 pm, NR 105 Dr. Roxanne MarangerDr. Roxane Maranger,  Department of Biological Sciences, University of Montreal "Coupled biogeochemical cycles through the freshwater pipe: landscape, limnoscape, and legacies"


Wednesday, February 6 12:30 pm, NR 105 Dr. Stephen NelsonDr. Stephen Nelson, Professor, Department of Geological Sciences, Brigham Young University "Quantifying the processes and rates of the weathering of Ocean Islands:  What we learn from geochemistry and geophysics or From island to atoll:  Processes and rates of denudation of tropical ocean islands"
Wednesday, February 13 12:30 pm, NR 105 Dr. Annika WaltersDr. Annika Walters,  Applied Aquatic Ecologist, Assistant Unit Leader, University of Wyoming Cooperative Unit "Life history diversity and behavioral flexibility as strategies to promote population resiliency"
Wednesday, Thursday, Feb 20/21 Wednesday, 4:00 pm,  Thursday, 4:00 pm, LSB 133 Dr. Elizabeth BorerEcology Center Seminar - Dr.  Elizabeth Borer, Professor, University of Minnesota  Wednesday: "Kangaroos, Kudu, and Caribou: mammalian herbivores, nutrients, and future grasslands on Earth" Thursday: "Effects of environmental nutrient enrichment on pathogens: from individual to biogeographic scales"
 Wednesday, February 27 12:30 pm, NR 105 Dr. Sapana LohaniDr. Sapana Lohani, Post-doctoral Researcher, Biology Department, University of Nevada, Reno and Watershed Sciences Department, Utah State University "Modeling trade-offs between hydropower production, land cover change, and aquatic/riparian ecosystems in the Lower Mekong Basin"


Wednesday, March 6 12:30 pm, NR 105 Dr. Jonathan CzubaDr. Jonathan Czuba, Assistant Professor, Watershed Engineering, Department of Biological Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech "When a meandering river does not have a defined bankfull flow: interactions between hydrodynamics, morphodynamics, and humans in shaping floodplain form"
Wednesday, March 13   Spring Break  
Wednesday, March 20 12:30 pm, NR 105 Dr. Jereme GaetaDr. Jereme Gaeta, Assistant Professor, Watershed Sciences Department "From invasive predators to prolonged droughts: evaluating and mitigating the vulnerability of lakes and reservoirs to disturbance"
Tuesday, March 26 Eccles Conference Center Spring Runoff Conference - "Water Challenges in the West" 
Wednesday, Thursday, March 27/28 Both Seminars will be held at 4:00 pm in LSB 133 Dr. Tim EssingtonEcology Center Seminar - Dr. Tim Essington, Professor & Associate Director, SAFS, University of Washington, Seattle, WA TBA


Wednesday, April 3 12:30 pm, NR 105 Dr. Zeb HoganDr. Zeb Hogan, University of Nevada, Reno, Department of Biology TBA
Wednesday, April 17 12:30 pm, NR 105  Dr. Dr. Sudeep ChandraSudeep Chandra, Associate Professor, University of Nevada, Reno, Department of Biology  TBA
Wednesday, April 17/18 Both Seminars will be held at 4:00 pm in LSB 133 Dr. Jesse MorrisDr. Jesse Morris, Research Assistant Professor, Geography, University of Utah TBA
Wednesday, April 24 No Seminar  USU Interim Day