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Watershed Sciences Department and Ecology Center Seminars


Wednesday, Sep 5 Wednesday, 4:00 PM, NR 105, WILD Department Dr. Terry MessmerDr. Eric ThackerDr. Terry Messmer and Dr. Eric Thacker, Department of Wildland Resources, Utah State University "They shoot horses don't they? The Science and the Rhinestones"
Wednesday, Thursday, Sep 12/13 Wednesday, 4:00 pm, BNR 102 - Thursday, 4:00 pm, ESLC 46 Dr. Nalini NadkarniEcology Center Seminar - Dr. Nalini Nadkarni, Professor of Biology, University of Utah, SLC, UT "Tapestry thinking: weaving ecology, public engagement to bridge science and society"
Wednesday, Sep 19 Wednesday, 4:00 PM, NR 105, WATS Department Dr. Kimberly HagemanDr. Kimberly Hageman, Associate Professor, Utah State University, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry "Predicting Pesticide Vapor Drift and Exposure to Pollinators"
Wednesday, Sep 26 Wednesday, 4:00 PM, NR 105, ENVS Department Dr. Hilary BoudetDr. Hilary Boudet, Associate Professor, School of Public Policy, Oregon State University "NIMBY, YIMBY or something else? Geographic Proximity and Public Perceptions of Energy Development"


Wednesday, Oct 3 Wednesday, 4:00 PM, NR 105, Dean's Office Dr. Ben AbbottDr. Ben Abbott, USU Alumni, Assistant Professor of Ecosystem Ecology, Brigham Young University  "Spatial Stability of Water Quality Provides a Shortcut to Solving Eutrophication"
Wednesday, Thursday, Oct 10/11 Wednesday, 4:00 pm, BNR 102 - Thursday, 4:00 pm, ESLC 46 Dr. Andrew JorgensonEcology Center Seminar - Dr. Andrew Jorgenson, Professor & Chair, Sociology & Environmental Studies, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA Wednesday, "Sociological Research Methods for Studying Socio-Environmental Relationships" - Thursday, "Climate Change, Inequality and Human Well-Being: Perspectives from Macrosociology"
Tuesday, Wednesday, Oct 16-17 Oct 16-17,  Restoring the West Conference - Utah State University Conference Center Restoring the West Conference Wednesday 4pm - Rose MKinney-James, "The Importance of Collaboration in Sustaining the West"
Wednesday, Oct 24 Wednesday, 4:00 PM, NR 105, WATS Department Tim PalmerTim Palmer, Associate at the Pennsylvania State University's Riparia Center and a Visiting Scholar at Portland State University "Wild and Scenic Rivers: An American Legacy"
Wednesday, Oct 31 Wednesday, 4:00 PM, NR 105, WATS Department Dr. Sarah NullDr. Sarah Null, Associate Professor, Watershed Sciences Department, Utah State UniversityTBA "Hydropower Development in Chile: Balancing Energy and Ecosystems"


Wednesday, Thursday, Nov 7/8 Wednesday, 4:00 pm, BNR 102 - Thursday, 4:00 pm, ESLC 46 Dr. Craig AllenEcology Center Seminar - Dr. Craig Allen, Research Ecologist, USGS Fort Collins Science Center, Los Alamos, NM  TBA
Wednesday, Nov 14 Wednesday, 4:00 PM, NR 105, WILD Department Dr. Lauren PorenskyDr. Lauren Porensky - Ecologist, USDA-ARS, Rangeland Resources and Systems Research, Fort Collins, CO  TBA
Wednesday, Nov 21 Thanksgiving Break - No seminar    
Wednesday, Nov 28 Wednesday, 4:00 PM, NR 105, ENVS Department Dr. Kai ChenDr Kai Chen, Professor, Institute for Oceans and Fisheries, The University of British Columbia TBA


Wednesday, Thursday Dec 5/6 Wednesday, 4:00 pm, BNR 102 - Thursday, 4:00 pm, ESLC 46 Dr. Francesca CotrufoEcology Center Seminar - Dr. Francesca Cotrufo, Professor & Associate Head, Soil and Crop Sciences, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO TBA


Wednesday, January 9 12:30 pm, NR 105 Dr. Peter Wilcock Master Brian BaileyDr. Peter Wilcock and Master Brian Bailey Graduate Student Question and Answer
Wednesday, Thursday, Jan 16/17 Wednesday, 4:00 pm,  Thursday, 4:00 pm,  Dr. Johanna VarnerEcology Center Seminar - Dr. Johanna Varner, Assistant Professor, Biology, Colorado Mesa University, Fort Collins, CO  TBA
 Wednesday, January 23 12:30 pm, NR 105 Dr. Chris KeleherChris Kelleher, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources  
Wednesday, January 30 12:30 pm, NR 105 Dr. Roxanne MarangerDr. Roxane Maranger,  Department of Biological Sciences, University of Montreal  TBA


Wednesday, February 6 12:30 pm, NR 105 Dr. Stephen NelsonDr. Stephen Nelson, Professor, Department of Geological Sciences, Brigham Young University TBA
Wednesday, February 13 12:30 pm, NR 105 Dr. Annika WaltersDr. Annika Walters,  Applied Aquatic Ecologist, Assistant Unit Leader, University of Wyoming Cooperative Unit  
Wednesday, Thursday, Feb 20/21 Wednesday, 6:00 pm,  Thursday, 4:00 pm, Dr. Jenny OuyangEcology Center Seminar - Dr. Jenny Ouyang, Assistant Professor, Biology, University of Nevada, Reno, NV  TBA
 Wednesday, February 27 12:30 pm, NR 105 TBA TBA


 Wednesday, March 6 Wednesday 12:30 pm Dr. Jonathan CzubaDr. Jonathan Czuba, Assistant Professor, Watershed Engineering, Department of Biological Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech  TBA
 Wednesday, March 13   Spring Break  
Wednesday, March 20 Wednesday 12:30 pm TBA  TBA
Tuesday, March 26   Spring Runoff Conference  
Wednesday, Thursday, March 27/28 Wednesday, 4:00 pm, Thursday, 4:00 pm Dr. Tim EssingtonEcology Center Seminar - Dr. Tim Essington, Professor & Associate Director, SAFS, University of Washington, Seattle, WA TBA


Wednesday, Thursday, April 10/11 Wednesday, 4:00 pm, Thursday, 4:00 pm Dr. Emily DarlingEcology Center Seminar - Dr. Emily Darling, Postdoctoral Fellow, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto, ON, Canada  TBA
Wednesday, April 17 Wednesday, 12:30 pm  Dr. Dr. Sudeep ChandraSudeep Chandra, Associate Professor, University of Nevada, Reno, Department of Biology  TBA
Wednesday, April 24 No Seminar  USU Interim Day