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Toyota Tacoma is the only vehicle currently available.

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Privacy Notice


Vehicle Parking Locations

Parking lots

USU Motor Pool is located at 900 E 1400 N, Logan, UT 84341.

Vehicles are parked to the east and southeast of Motor Pool (starred locations).


The Trucks

There is one truck available for WATS faculty and student research (additional vehicle coming soon). It has a topper, tow hitch (includes ball mount), and four-wheel drive. The charge assessed for use of the vehicle is determined solely by the number of miles you drive.

2009 Toyota Tacoma (53¢/mile)


New vehicle coming soon.



Before Your Trip

Please be sure your mandatory driver's training is up to date.

Please request a gas card pin from Motor Pool (435-797-3145 or As a last resort, the gas card envelope will have Daniel’s pin. Gas cards are for that particular vehicle only; please use it and not another form of payment to fill up the vehicle. You must use a gas station that accepts Fuelman cards. Find a gas station and/or download the Fuelman mobile app: Android Apple

Keys are located in the WATS copy room, NR 212. Room and lockbox codes will be emailed to you upon confirmation of your reservation. Please secure the lockbox and close the copy room door if accessing the room after normal business hours. The NR building is open M-F, 7am-7pm; you will need keycard access outside of those hours.

Vehicles are parked to the east and southeast of Motor Pool in the government vehicle lots on 1400 North between 800 East and 1200 East (starred lots in image above).

On Your Trip

  1. Note odometer beginning and ending mileage. Use the Report Vehicle Mileage form (above) to submit those numbers.
  2. Any accident, however minor, must be reported to local law enforcement. A USU vehicle accident report must be filed as soon as possible following the incident.
  3. Fill up the gas tank(s) before returning the truck. Gas cards are located in the center console of each truck in plastic sleeves and are to be used for that particular vehicle only. The Motor Pool pumps are open 24/7 and are typically cheaper than the gas stations in town.
  4. Return the truck to one of the lots pictured above. Leave it in better shape than you found it.
  5. Promptly return keys to the lockbox in NR 212.


Please report any incidents and maintenance needs, no matter how minor, when submitting the Report Vehicle Mileage Form.