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Mark Devey

Mark Devey

Watershed Sciences Department

Pursuing MS Degree in Watershed Science - Faculty Advisor: Dr. Janice Brahney

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Degree Seeking: MS - Watershed Science
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Janice Brahney

Environmental Biogeochemistry & Paleolimnology Lab

Mark Devey is an MS student in Watershed Sciences, advised by Dr. Janice Brahney. He is studying the trophic history of Utah Lake by analyzing various aspects of phosphorus in sediment cores. The nature of his study is observational, combining various elements of freshwater stratigraphy and core analysis with analytical chemistry to characterize how phosphorus is stored in calcium carbonate in freshwater alkaline lakes. His research has required an exploration and understanding of methods including extraction chemistry, geochemical analysis, energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS), and various sediment core characterization techniques. Mark received his BS in Management and Restoration of Aquatic Ecosystems from Utah State University, with an emphasis in geomorphology and minor in geology. He's an expert fly-tyer, weekend-warrior fly angler, backcountry enthusiast, and trombonist.