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Mitchell Donovan

Mitchell Donovan

Watershed Sciences Department

Pursuing PhD degree in Watershed Science - Faculty Advisor: Dr. Patrick Belmont

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Degree Seeking: PhD - Watershed Science

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Patrick Belmont

Research Area: Understanding the cause and impact of timescale bias in river migration rate measurements

Research Interests: I am currently a Fulbright Research Scholar affiliated with the University of Turku, Finland. I plan to compare sediment and contaminant sources from agricultural and riparian areas using lidar and GIS applications. Upon completion, I will begin my PhD at Utah State University with Patrick Belmont.

I finished my graduate studies at the University of Maryland- Baltimore County (UMBC) within the Geography and Environmental Systems Department in the Spring of 2014. I studied a mix of geomorphology, fluvial morphology, and hydrology through the application GIS. My research focused on sediment transport and mechanisms governing streambank erosion as a source of sediment for the Chesapeake Bay. Additionally, the project assessed the quantity of sediment remobilized from mill dam deposits and historic "legacy sediments". The work sought to aid in resolving potential sources of excessive sedimentation into the Bay. The sedimentation has resulted in 'rain taxes' for many citizens along the East Coast and EPA regulations on the total maximum daily load (TMDL) for riverine sediments. This work is expected to be published by the Winter of 2014.

In addition to this work, I have developed a diversity of skills and interests, including cartography, data visualization, graphic design, photography, coding and all aspects earth science. My competence in these areas have allowed me to combine art and science to produce aesthetic maps and images that succinctly capture and communicate data and results. Through the use of programs such as ArcMap, MATLAB, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, and ERDAS Imagine, I can produce effective displays of data, publishable maps, concise graphs, and noteworthy graphics to clearly illustrate scientific ideas and results.

Hydrology and Fine Sediment Lab