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Katlyn Gardner

Katlyn Gardner

Watershed Sciences Department

Pursuing PhD Degree in Watershed Science - Faculty Advisor: Dr. Charles Hawkins

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Degree Seeking: PhD - Watershed Sciences
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Charles Hawkins

Western Center for Monitoring & Assessment of Freshwater Ecosystems - Dr. Charles Hawkins


Katy Gardner is a PhD student and graduate research assistant working with Dr. Chuck Hawkins. Katy received her BS in Wildlife Biology, with a minor in Sustainability, from Missouri State University. She stayed at Missouri State to earn her MS in Biology researching salamander larvae behavior. While studying for her master's degree, Katy realized her interest in stream ecology and immediately pursued further graduate work. Currently, her dissertation research focuses on the effects of stream salinity on aquatic macroinvertebrate distributions and abundances. Broadly, Katy is interested in studying how stream ecosystems will respond to climate change and anthropogenic stressors. When Katy isn’t working or showing off her bug collection (ask about her rat-tailed maggot!), she enjoys the full gamut of outdoor activities, cooking new foods, and sharing these experiences with friends.