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Sara Goeking

Sara Goeking

Watershed Sciences

Pursuing PhD degree in Watershed Science - Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Tarboton

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Degree Seeking: PhD - Watershed Science
Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Tarboton
Research Area: An enhanced representation of current and future forest cover in a distributed hydrological model

Sara is a Ph.D. candidate working with Dr. David Tarboton and specializing in forest hydrology. Her dissertation research seeks to understand how forest disturbances affect snowpack and streamflow at broad scales. Sara also works as a scientist with the Forest Inventory & Analysis Program at the US Forest Service’s Rocky Mountain Research Station. Some of her previous research has used forest monitoring data to conduct broad-scale assessments of species of concern, such as whitebark and limber pines, and these assessments have informed decisions about whether to list whitebark pine as a threatened species. Sara has a B.S. in Environmental Sciences with a minor in Plant Science, and an M.S. in Forest Ecology, both from Utah State University. After completing her M.S., she worked as part of Jack Schmidt’s lab, where she conducted sandbar surveys and geospatial analysis to assess effects of large dams on downstream sediment storage. When not working, Sara extends her appreciation of trees, snow, and water to hiking, skiing, boating, and making things out of wood.