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Coryna Hebert

Coryna Hebert

Watershed Sciences Department

Pursuing MS Degree in Ecology - Faculty Advisor: Dr. Karin Kettenring

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Degree Seeking: MS- Ecology
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Karin Kettenring

Coryna is an M.S. student in the Wetland Ecology and Restoration Lab working with Dr. Karin Kettenring. Her research focuses on microtopography of Great Salt Lake wetlands and its potential utility in restoration seeding efforts. Additionally, her research investigates the use of functionally diverse seed mixes to restore native plant communities. In 2015, Coryna received a B.S. in Urban Ecology with a minor in Sociology from Hofstra University in New York. Prior to her time at USU, Coryna conducted plant surveys in Utah wetlands, delineated wetlands in the Alaskan interior, and lived on a remote Hawaiian atoll conducting habitat restoration for native seabirds. The Wetland Ecology and Restoration Lab at USU was an excellent fit for Coryna’s varied research interests in both wetlands and avian habitat restoration. When not trudging through Utah’s vast and beautiful marshes, Coryna enjoys climbing dry rocks in the desert, scoping wildflowers, and hanging with friends.