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Gabriela Sancho Juárez

Gabriela Sancho Juárez

Department of Watershed Sciences

Pursuing Ph.D. in Watershed Science; Faculty Advisor: Sarah Null

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She, her, hers

Gabriela Tatiana Sancho Juárez, is a Ph.D. student in Watershed Science, under the supervision of Dr. Sarah Null. She earned her Bachelor’s and Licentiate degree in Environmental Health from the University of Costa Rica (UCR) and an Associate’s degree in Water Resource Administration and Management from National Technical University (UTN) in Costa Rica. Gabriela has 10 years of experience working in the University Community Work program at UTN, first as a supervisor and now as a project coordinator. Her work is focused on community water management, helping local water providers to improve their services. Also, she has experience as a researcher in the UTN’s Research Department, on wastewater management. With her free time, she loves to cook and bake desserts, sharing cooking with her family and friends.