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Casey Langstroth

Casey Langstroth

Department of Watershed Sciences

Pursuing M.S. in Watershed Science; Faculty Advisor: Patrick Belmont

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Casey is an M.S. student in Watershed Science under advisement from Dr. Patrick Belmont and Dr. Brendan Murphy. Her research is focused on understanding sediment impacts to infrastructure and watershed morphology following wildfire. She completed B.S. degrees in Environmental Sciences and Geology at Northern Arizona University. After graduating from NAU, Casey worked with the USGS at the Grand Canyon Monitoring Center in Flagstaff, AZ processing suspended sediment samples from the Colorado River and its tributaries. She also collaborated with the EPA in a nationwide study to quantify greenhouse gas emissions from reservoirs in the southwest. As an Arizona native, drought, climate change, and wildfire has been a hot topic on Casey's mind. She hopes her research can inform decisions in mitigating these issues in the future. In her free time, Casey enjoys climbing, biking, and snowboarding.