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Carter Lybeck

Watershed Sciences Department

Pursuing Master's of Ecological Restoration - Faculty Advisor: Dr. Patrick Belmont

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Degree Seeking: Master's of Ecological Restoration
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Patrick Belmont


Carter Tobias Lybeck is an MoER student in the Watershed Sciences department. He completed his undergraduate degree in Management and Restoration of Aquatic Ecosystems in 2021. During that program, he had the opportunity to work on a low-tech process-based restoration project on Beaver Creek, ID, and decided to join the MoER program to get a stronger foundation in restoration. Their future research interests include blue carbon storage and the possibilities of restoring coastal wetlands to mitigate increased atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide. In their free time, they enjoy taekwondo, photography, sewing, D&D, and poking around local creeks.