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Kate Sinnott

Kate Sinnott

Watershed Sciences Department

Pursuing MS Degree in Ecology - Faculty Advisor: Dr. Karin Kettenring

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Degree Seeking: MS - Ecology
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Karin Kettenring

Kate Sinnott is an Ecology MS student advised by Dr. Karin Kettenring in the Department of Watershed Sciences. Her research is on the restoration of submerged aquatic vegetation with a focus on planting methods and invasion resistance in aquatic plant communities. More broadly, Kate is interested in finding effective ways to produce genetically diverse, regionally-appropriate plant materials for use in restorations. Kate earned her BA in Linguistics from Macalester College in 2014 where she focused on connections between language and the environment. After Macalester, Kate worked for several years in agriculture, conservation, and restoration before joining the Department of Watershed Sciences at USU. In her free time, Kate enjoys hiking (with lots of stops for botanizing), improving her mediocre sewing skills, and reading good books next to bodies of water.