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Rachel Watts

Rachel Watts

Watershed Sciences Department

Seeking MS Watershed Sciences Degree - Faculty Advisor: Dr. Janice Brahney

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Degree Seeking: PhD - Watershed Sciences
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Janice Brahney

Rachel is a graduate in Environmental Science from Brigham Young University. Throughout her studies, she has worked extensively in the field in a variety of biomes such as the tundra, desert, and the tropics. She has enjoyed working on research projects in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Alaska, Utah, and Texas. She enjoyed working in the BYU's Watershed Ecology lab, which fostered her love for water science. Rachel's current research is focusing on the change in phosphorus concentrations in rivers during high flow events. Her field site is located in Valles Caldera, NM and, while there, she works out of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Rachel is also an avid outdoorswomen and enjoys climbing, trail running, kayaking, and scuba diving.