Dialogues on Economic Growth & Sustainability

A symposium exploring tensions and opportunities in how we create and protect well-being for people and the planet.

A partnership of USU's Quinney College of Natural Resources Department of Watershed Sciences and Department of Environment and Society, the Huntsman School of Business Department of Economics and Finance, the College of Humanities and Social Science's Community and Natural Resources Institute, and the President's Office.

Oil and natural gas, wood products, minerals and other resources from the earth have fueled historic growth throughout the world, generated jobs and offered communities a wealth of economic activity. Modern life is literally built on these resources, and continues to rely on them for its upward economic trajectory. But resources have finite limits and our resources and economic activities interact in very complex ways. This symposium is designed to enable the USU community explore these cross-disciplinary topics, with the goal of building a compelling vision for a way that economics and environmental sustainability can co-evolve.


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How are growth and wellbeing related?
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Can economies be decoupled from energy? From materials?
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What should we prioritize?
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How can we make communities more resilient?
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Featured Panel Speakers

Event Organizers

  • Patrick Belmont, Department Head and Professor of Watershed Sciences
  • Frank Caliendo, Senior Associate Dean and Professor of Economics and Finance
  • Ben Blau, Department Head and Professor of Economics and Finance