Western Aspen Alliance

Promoting Sustainable Aspen Ecosystems

Western Aspen Alliance is a joint venture between Utah State University’s College of Natural Resources, numerous state and federal agencies (see Partners at bottom of page), and an international array of scientists focused on aspen communities. Our purpose is to facilitate research, restoration, and conservation related to quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides) communities of the U.S. West and beyond. The Western Aspen Alliance (WAA — pronounced “way”) disseminates state-of-the-science aspen information to interested managers, researchers, the public, and other entities.

The overall goal of the Western Aspen Alliance is to enable effective and appropriate management of aspen ecosystems through coordinated scientific efforts and shared information.

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The purpose for the database is to match up science and management expertise with user needs. This effort addresses a core mission of the WAA which is to facilitate transfer of current science to applied problems with the ultimate goal of improving sustainability of aspen ecosystems.

WAA members may participate in the Expertise Database on a voluntary basis. Once you have registered, WAA members may search for particular categories of expertise and contact desired experts directly.

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Aspen trees at sunrise