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‘Ecologically in Decline,’ graduate student’s masters thesis explores concerns for aspen trees in Summit County

May 10, 2024 Park record Katie Hatzfeld

Aspen archive: Trees tell archeological stories of shepherds

April 12, 2024 WyoFile Katie Klingsporn

This tree can help stop climate change

March 27, 2024 Publico Adhik Arrilucea

Europe's forgotten forests could be 21st century 'biodiversity hot spots'

March 27, 2024 Phys.Org Utah State University

Beautiful and Resilient

January 23, 2024 Science Moab Science Moab
Sudden aspen decline: The phenomenon sweeping Colorado’s favorite tree of fall September 19, 2023 Colorado Springs The Gazette Christian Murdock
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USU professor hopes aspen's designation as state tree will lead to conservation. March 28, 2014 Herald Journal
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Utah Looks to Change State Tree. February 7, 2014 Utah Public Radio Morgan Pratt
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(the impact on vegetation, particularly aspen and willow)
March 14, 2013    
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