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Quel est l'organisme vivant el plus lourd de la planète? (What is the heaviest living organism on the planet?)  November 2, 2023 Science & Vie  
What is Pando? A guide to one of Utah’s most unassuming natural wonders. August 20, 2023 The Salt Lake Tribune Paighten Harkins
Once given a death sentence, Utah’s Pando aspen grove has ‘come a long way’ August 14, 2023 The Salt Lake Tribune Paighten Harkins
Crews trying new way to save endangered Utah tree July 26, 2023 Fox News 13 Salt Lake City Lucy Nelson
This is how fast humans have changed the ecosystem April 9, 2023 Bloomberg News (& Washington Post) Faye Flam
What can be done to save this 80,000 year-old aspen forest? November 11, 2022 UPR Radio interview Matthew LaPlante
Grüße aus dem Ein-Baum-Wald (Greetings from the One-Tree Forest) November 3, 2022 WDR 5 (German radio) Katrin Brand
Hungry herbivores, human impacts threaten world's largest organism October 13, 2022 UPR Aimee Van Tatenhove
Pando, the world's largest organism, is shrinking October 12, 2022 ABC TV - Salt Lake City Kade Garner
La colonie clonale Pando dans l'Utah October 2, 2022 Les Annees Lumiere (Radio-Canada) Alexandre Touchette
World's Largest Organism may be about to break up September 21, 2022 Newsweek Jess Thomson
Pando in Pieces: understanding the new breach... September 19, 2022 Science Magazine Lael Gilbert (USU)
Fungus, seagrass, aspen - harbingers of humans August 15, 2022 The Atlantic Katherine J. Wu
The biggest living thing on Earth...can it be saved May 10, 2022 National Geographic Craig Welch
Podcast: Pando the Trembling Giant September 27, 2021 Atlas Obscura The Podcast Team
The World's largest organism is slowly being eaten by deer November 24, 2021 The Conversation Richard Elton Walton
Utah's oldest organism...the next decade November 13, 2021 St. George News Ammon Teare
The World's largest...resides in Utah August 15, 2021 Deseret News Lee Benson
'Friends of Pando' capture world's largest living organism... August 10, 2021 St. George News Ammon Teare
The World's Largest Living Organism January 27, 2021 Constant Wonder [BYU radio] Erik Schulzke interview
Pando to Pangea January 15, 2021 Earth Island Journal Paul C. Rogers
The Giving Tree June 1, 2020 Ideas Paul C. Rogers (+ magazine staff)
Pando, la forêt d’un seul arbre March 30, 2020 Le Un Manon Paulic
The Trembling Giant March 31, 2020 Witness History (BBC Radio) Louise Hidalgo
Spread Thin: Soon, the biologically rich Pando Forest could be a thing of the past March 6, 2019 SLCity Weekly Daria Bachmann
(radio) Constant Wonder: Interview with Paul Rogers (mins. 20-44) February 11, 2019 BYUradio Marcus Smith
Dans l’Utah, le plus grand être vivant du monde est en danger October 18, 2018 La Monde Clementine Thiberge
La agonia de Pando... October 18, 2018 ABC News (Seville, Spain) Patricia Biosca
Pando, one of the world's largest organisms, is dying October 18, 2018 Smithsonian Brigit Katz
The world's largest organism is being eaten alive by deer October 19, 2018 Popular Science Jillian Mock
One of the world's largest organisms is shrinking October 17, 2018 Science David Shultz
World's biggest plant shrinks as hungry deer move in October 17, 2018 Nature Claire Asher
Pando, the most massive organism on earth, is shrinking October 17, 2018 NY Times JoAnna Klein
Soundscapes, Fishlake National Forest September 23, 2018 NY Times Magazine Karine Laval/Jeff Rice
Earth's Most Massive Living Organism is Dying June 28, 2018 U.S. News & World Report Robert Gehrke
Living With a Giant June 1, 2018  TOPOS; Vol. 103:50-57 Paul C. Rogers
Comedians Release Pando Video May 3, 2018 Salt Lake Tribune Erin Alberty
Dette er verdens eldste levende organisme April 21, 2018 ABC Nyheter (Norway) Sverre Bjørstad Graff
Trembling Giant: The Pando Aspen Grove April 19, 2018 In The Mesh The Mesh Staff
This Entire Forest Is a Single Living Organism March 30, 2018 Seeker  
Ein Baum wie ein Mann (A Tree Like a Man) February 18, 2018 Sueddeutsche Zeitung Magazin Patrick Bauer
The world's largest and oldest organism is super stressed out December 9, 2017 QuartzMedia ( Ephrat Livni
The World's Largest Organism Is Dying December 6, 2017 Tia Ghose
Earth's Heaviest Organism Could be Eaten to Death...By Deer November 28, 2017 Katie Valentine
Utah's Pando aspen grove is the most massive living thing known on Earth. It may die soon. November 12, 2017 Salt Lake Tribune Erin Alberty
Scientists: Utah's Pando aspen grove could soon die out November 11, 2017 U.S. News & World Report (AP News)  
The Quaking Giant February 16, 2017 Last Word on Nothing Blog Michelle Nijhuis
Efforts to restore imperiled Pando show promise February 3, 2017 Phys Org  
USU researchers: Protecting aspen colony from herbivores may reverse decline February 1, 2017 Herald Journal News Kevin Opsahl
Pando: The World’s Largest Discovered Organism on Wild About Utah January 13, 2017 Utah Public Radio Russ Beck
A Wall Could Save the World’s Largest Living Thing August 2, 2016 Mysterious Universe  
Fence could save world's largest living thing July 29, 2017 SkyNews  
Pando clone research results July 28, 2016 New Scientist  
Saving Pando: Humans are taking measured steps to rejuvenate an ailing giant. March 1, 2016 Natural History Paul Rogers
Picture of the Week: Pando, One of Earth's Largest Living Organisms. April 28, 2015 Science Friday Chau Tu
As Utah's biggest and oldest resident, 'he' may be dying. June 9, 2014 KSL  
The world's largest known organism is in Utah-and it's dying. November 20, 2013 City Weekly Matthew D. LaPlante
Trees can't live forever without sex. August 17, 2010 BBC