WILD Alumni and Friends

A new mentoring group for future WILD students

The WILD Alumni and Friends is a group being established for WILD graduates and natural resource professionals.  The purpose of the group is NOT for fundraising purposes but for alumni and professionals who want to give back by helping to mentor future WILD students.  We are hoping this will be a group who can advise our students and Department about trends in the job market, policy changes affecting the management of plant and animal resources, restoration innovation and projects, graduate school programs, and sharing news about what YOU are involved in.  This will also be a good way to stay in touch with your WILD colleagues.  We intend to publish a twice-yearly newsletter, and we will contact you about students with particular interests in your field, your graduate program, or getting a job with your employer.  Your contact information will not be publicized, but we would like to publish your names and job titles/locations.  And we may contact you periodically about stories or photos you may have to share with our students in the newsletter. Please join!

For questions or additional information please contact Allison Cochley in the Wildland Resources Department.

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