Welcome to the Department of Wildlife Resources

Welcome to WILD! Our department’s name actually is Wildland Resources in the Quinney College of Natural Resources at Utah State University. “WILD" is the 4 letter designation for all of the courses we teach at USU, so naturally it became our department’s nickname. It is somewhat fitting, though, because we focus our teaching, research, and extension programs mostly on the wild world, from snow geese in Alaska, to spruce forests in Utah, to wolves in Yellowstone, to sage-grouse in the Intermountain West. Our award winning faculty teach courses that ready our students for professional careers in many natural resources fields, with undergraduate degrees offered in Forest Ecology and Management, Rangeland Ecology and Management (both nationally accredited), Wildlife Ecology and Management, and Conservation and Restoration Ecology. Graduate work is offered in all of these fields, and our faculty are always interested in hearing from prospective graduate students who want to work on MS or PhD degrees. Look at the faculty web pages you can access under our personnel pages to learn about the breadth of research we are involved in. We also have extension personnel in WILD who educate Utahns and others about natural resources management. Look at the resources included or linked on these pages; if you don’t find something right away, a web search on a term you are interested in followed by “wild" and “USU” will often get you what you want. To talk to someone in the department contact us at 435-797-0242.